Reprinted from SPSSI Newsletter, August, 2002, No. 218, page 5.

National Action Program Against Sexual Assault
K. Edward Renner, PhD
SPSSI Member

The establishment of the National Action Program Against Sexual Assault ( was announced at a symposium at the SPSSI 2002 Convention in Toronto. The web site was established through a SAGE grant awarded to Dr. Renner.

The social action program is based on a 15-year basic research program documenting how and why the legal system has failed women and children. The applied material was developed for use by community groups and local sexual assault services.

Although the research and social action materials have influenced Canadian policy, the program has not received attention in the United States, despite the similarity of issues between the two countries.

Under the terms of the SPSSI award, the text of the basic research papers, and the social action components, will be made available on the web site. The site will also serve as a clearing house for the exchange of information between those using the materials. The three applied components are:

(1) Raising awareness of the issues by documenting the outrageous,
(2) Challenging the legal system, and
(3) Supporting victims.

The text of the symposium, "Redefining the Legal Issues of Sexual Assault and Abuse" is available on the web site. Dr. Renner may be reached at

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