Making a Difference:
Challenging the Legal Process to Effectively
Prosecute Sex Offenders

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A Call for Applications:
Announcing two national conferences to promote an integrated community response to sexual violence.

In September 2003, EVAW in the United States and Carleton University in Canada were awarded grants from the W. H. Donner and the Donner Canadian Foundations to work with SATI, Inc., and Ed Renner, Evaluation Research, and the founder of the National Action Plan Against Sexual Assault (NAPASA) to sponsor two national conferences within each country to promote an integrated community response to sexual violence. Attendees of the conferences will be selected through application only. Conference scholarships will be awarded to joint applicant teams of six to eight representatives from the police, prosecution, rape crisis centers and other sexual assault service providers, within the same community. The core vision of the conference is to challenge the legal process to effectively prosecute sex offenders by redefining the way sexual assaults are conceptualized by the criminal justice system. The goal of the conference is intervention -- to effect social change and make a difference in public policy.

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Contact Information for the
US National Conference
Contact Information for the
Canadian National Conference