NAPASA Contacts


All inquires about the origins and NAPASA, the basic research studies, or the applied materials should be directed to:

K. Edward Renner, PhD
Evaluation Research
14241 110th Terrace North   
Largo, FL 33774
(727) 595-3857

The continued development of the NAPASA materials and strategy will be carried out through the  "Making a Difference" Project, described on this website. The long-term goal is to incorporate NAPASA as independent organization with a national board of directors of what is hoped will become a national social movement for social change.


Local groups which have used the NAPASA materials may share their experiences and contact information with others by having an account of their efforts posted here. Send submissions to Edward Renner at

A description of what independent agencies are doing
using the NAPASA materials, and how to reach them

  1. A French Language set of materials is provided and maintained by CALACS:

    Centre D'aide et de Lutte contre les Agressions à Caractère Sexuel
    11980, 2ème avenue
    Ville Saint-Georges, Québec
    G5Y 1X2

  2. Avalon Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia provides a "Sexual Assault Legal Education Project" which is funded by the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia:  >>More Information>>

    Avalon Sexual Assault Center
    501 - 5475 Spring Garden Road
    Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3T2 Canada
    (902) 422-424