Making a Difference:
Challenging the Legal Process to Effectively
Prosecute Sex Offender

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Teams wishing to become participant communities in the conference must apply using the form available on this web site. Those accepted will receive full conference support to attend the conference, e.g., registration fee, training material, hotel accommodations, travel and meals. The scholarship will not cover the participants' salaries. The selection criteria requires that the joint applicant agencies (advocates, police, prosecution, and medical supporting services):

have open channels of communication, and ideally, have worked together in the past

recognize that improvements are needed and are looking for ways to become more effective as a sexual assault response team

have reviewed the web sites of SATI and NAPASA and are prepared to work together within their own jurisdiction and with the other participant-communities to develop a strategy that reaches from the front to the back end of the criminal justice process.

show an awareness that participation will take resolve to question, and at times to challenge, the status quo

have the capacity and willingness to collect and maintain local statistics on the frequencies of reporting, founding, charging, prosecution, and conviction of sexual assaults for the purposes of evaluation-research.

Community Team Makeup

A minimum of six, and ideally up to eight individuals, from each of eight community teams will be awarded scholarships to attend the conference. Each community team must have six participants; two from each of the following jurisdictions:

law enforcement



Teams of eight may include participants unique to the sexual assault response team models in their communities e.g., forensic examiner, judges, public health workers, researchers, lobbyists, mental health workers and community educators.